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Why language training often fails

  • Course books do not cover all your learning goals
  • The content is not focused on the needs of the learners
  • The larger the group, the less talk-time each person has
  • Progress is often too slow
  • Slow progress is boring and demotivating
  • Lack of motivation often leads to low attendance
  • Quality is often compromised in favor of lower prices
  • Low-paid teachers are typically not well prepared, engaged or qualified

Why our coaching succeeds

  • Coaching sessions typically focus on job-related topics requested by the learners

  • Learners benefit from the attention to their current language needs

  • Getting “what you need, when you need it” is more motivating than following a static book-based course

  • Results are immediate:

  • Motivation leads to regular participation

  • Participation leads to continuous progress

  • Improved communication skills directly affect productivity

  • Coaching is often seen as a perk (i.e. your employees appreciate your investment in them)

  • Our language coaches are qualified, experienced native speakers

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